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Insights from previous clients, either face-to-face in Witney or around the world via online sessions


Hypnotherapy Testimonials: Welcome
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I value my clients' feedback

Honest feedback is vital for any business. At Stephanie Lister Hypnotherapy, I value the feedback of my clients hugely - it helps me to better understand what helps people most, and ensures I am able to offer the very best service that I can. On this page I have collected some of the testimonials I have received from clients around the world. If you have any questions regarding these reviews or the service that I offer, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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What previous clients have said

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“My rapid transformational therapy sessions with Stephanie were simply life-changing. Stephanie is professional kind and present. She guided me to identify key moments of my past that were sculpting my present insecurities. I was able to work at changing those deeply rooted thoughts and habits for the better. Moving toward achieving my full potential. For me hypnotherapy is a supportive process, a guided meditation, a visualization of the worlds and images I decided to repeat and pursue, a way to find peace, freedom and strength to be inside and out.”

“I needed that transformation. Thank you so much! You made me feel safe and secure. What a great session Stephanie! I appreciate you!”

“You are great! Your therapy is THE way for people to quit smoking. I am so happy about it, I’m glad you did this!”

"Things are really good, no alcohol! I've not even had an urge, quite remarkable for someone who hasn't gone a day without a drink for nearly 5 years. Thank you so much for your help."

"I am very proud of myself and I never thought I'd be where I am now, after many, many years of drinking. I am in a much better place and so much quicker than I ever expected. I was hypnotised and that is what produced this incredible change in my behaviour."

“I thoroughly enjoyed my hypnotherapy session with Stephanie. We were able to address many obstacles hindering my progress towards achieving my goals and set up some key actions to propel me forward with life’s challenges. She created a wonderful open space where I felt comfortable and confident to discuss personal issues. I have tried previously to remedy some of my blockages stopping me from achieving my goals without success. I would recommend her services to anyone needing clarity and direction in their life.”
“Stephanie, thank you so much for our session, it’s made a huge difference in my relationship and in me building my business. The difficult conversations I needed to have were so much easier and impactful. I can’t thank you enough.”

"It was very easy and took a short time to quit smoking with your therapy. The support you gave me was extremely important because in the other things I tried, I had no support and it's very important for patients to feel accompanied in this process. You transpired a feeling of trust, which allowed me to lean on you and believe in you. For anyone who wants to quit I would tell them don't put this off anymore, don't accept and suffer from the presence of smoking in your life for a moment longer."


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“Thank you for yesterday! It’s strange! I’m floating! It’s just that revelation about it being so personal and me taking everything all so personally. It’s a big thing, changing this attitude to my work and business and detaching  more and start being professional, to stop me from  being tired all the time.
I now realize when I’m attached and taking it too personally it’s more difficult to make business-based decisions and changes. But I can see it now: my attachment has stopped me from making professional business-based decisions!”

“I hadn't slept spontaneously without medication for so long I can't remember anymore. I decided to try hypnotherapy, although it seemed strange to me that a person like me, who had successfully completed a path of psychotherapy, solving many critical issues by now independently, still needed a specialist to get out of it.
I immediately felt very in tune with Stephanie. We had 2 sessions on Zoom. I restarted to sleep! I only regret I wasted time to take this decision and get the solution! Highly recommend.”


“Wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful hypnotherapy session I had yesterday.

I’ve had this condition for about 3 months now which is beginning to affect my confidence. Stephanie made me feel very safe and comfortable, I also found her voice to be very soothing which in turn helped me to relax and enjoy my experience.
It’s now been a couple of days and I still feel fairly chilled and I must admit I seem to be sleeping better too. For anyone having issues I’d definitely recommend Stephanie, she is very professional and very easy to talk to. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain.

Thank you, Stephanie, you truly have a gift”
“I had a session recently with Stephanie as I wanted to eliminate sugar from my diet, but I was struggling because of the cravings. In one session Stephanie helped me to understand and release my beliefs around needing sugar, it was an amazing session and all of my sugar cravings have gone. Stephanie made me feel so safe and supported during my session and her voice is so calming. I would have no hesitation in working with Stephanie again on an issue I needed help with. Thank you so much!”


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“In a recent session with Stephanie, she took me through a sequence of questions that brought me to a conclusion for which I had no clue was possible.  She is brilliant in the methods she used to help me overcome an issue of struggling with purpose.  As I was talking with her about understanding, or rather not understanding, my purpose at this point in my life (almost 55) and how I wasn’t sure what it is, she was able to take me down the path and realization that I already realize and am living my purpose, and actually finding joy in the present moment.
She was able to give me the ability to truly think about why I felt this way and how in reality I do understand and find joy in where I currently am in life. It’s okay that my purpose is different from past years; that it is okay to be able to wake up each day and choose joy and to find purpose in the choices in front of me each day.  Thank you, Stephanie.”


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Would you like to learn more?

If you have read these testimonials and are wondering whether hypnotherapy might be helpful to you, please contact me. I will be happy to listen, and to offer my professional advice, booking an appointment if required.

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Get in touch

If you like what you've read in these Hypnotherapy testimonials, please get in touch with Stephanie Lister Hypnotherapy in Witney, Oxfordshire. I look forward to speaking with you.

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