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Stephanie Lister sitting with a client

Working With Me

Stephanie Lister Hypnotherapy in Oxfordshire.

Working With A Hypnotherapist: Welcome
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Working with me in the Hypnotic Relationship

The Hypnotic Relationship is a partnership, where we will work together in a safe, confidential space. You will be fully supported and respected in your quest for change. In an environment of trust and understanding, I will guide you into your own unique internal therapeutic experience. Contact Stephanie Lister Hypnotherapy for more information.

Working With A Hypnotherapist: About
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Working With A Hypnotherapist: Image

Ready to Find Your Uniqueness?

I am here to help you to work through issues that are impacting on your life

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Unique because you are unique

My job is to guide you to access unique resources from your own unconscious mind so you can utilise them to achieve the change you want. Your job is to tell me about your unique motivation for change


I have many hypnotic resources to help you and of course we will use them, but I want you to understand It’s not about what I do as a therapist. I am not going to make you fit into my programme or my techniques - it’s all about what you do.

Giving you the space you need

I will give you the space, time and understanding, in order to go where your unconscious mind takes you, to find the unconscious learning that you need to live the life you want. This is a results-focused experience - take a look at my client reviews page to see some outstanding results that clients have achieved by working with me.

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Working With A Hypnotherapist: Services & Goals

Are you ready to work together to improve your life?

If the time has come to take positive steps in your quest for a better life, a better version of yourself, then I am here to offer all the help I can. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool, and when we work together, I have no doubt that you'll achieve valuable, meaningful change in your life.

Working With A Hypnotherapist: Text
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Get in touch

If it's time to make a change, book an appointment with Stephanie Lister Hypnotherapy in Witney, Oxfordshire.

Working With A Hypnotherapist: Image
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